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Zaatar w zeit Q&A - Answers - how-many-calories-are-in-your-quinoa-tabbouleh-halloumi-quinoa-salad-and-hummus-(and-everything-else-thats-vegetarian)-

“How many calories are in your "quinoa tabbouleh" "halloumi quinoa salad" and "hummus" (and everything else thats vegetarian) ? ”
12 Aug. 2016
Hello Marianne,

Your favorite items are freshly prepared by our kitchen crew. Our process is systematic, however, the human factor doesn’t allow us to calculate 100% accurate calorie count. We have a responsibility towards our community; and since our core values are accountability and integrity, we cannot disclose information which are not fully accurate.
For these reasons, our management has taken the decision to withhold calorie count from all of our communication.
We salute your concerns and we hope you can understand ours.
Enjoy a healthy eating experience at Zaatar W Zeit! Love Regardless.