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“All your vegetables are sanitized?? How do you make sure they are disinfected?”
03 Jul. 2018

In order to serve our customers safe food, the vegetable sanitation process implemented at our facility is composed of several steps to make sure the outcome is contaminant-free.

As a preliminary step, treated potable water is used in the washing cycle in order to make sure that no external source contaminates the produce. Furthermore, all of our fruits & vegetables are sanitized with an FDA-approved chemical, peracetic acid solution, which is designed to inactivate/kill any bacteria through its strong oxidizing capacity.

To ensure effectiveness, the solution’s concentration is tested prior to sanitizing to make sure it is within the safe and approved range. The sanitized F&V are then properly dried and packaged safely in food-grade bags.

For further confirmation, random samples are tested in an accredited laboratory to verify the effectiveness of our process. As result, fresh and safe fruits and vegetables are delivered you!